Angular wavenumber

A very interesting thing I re-discovered today is the angular wavenumber. Although it seems like I had understood that pretty well long back, I had forgotten quite some things about it. The rumination came from my continuous learning process of Fourier Transform. While I seem to have gotten a hang of temporal Fourier transform, spacial … Continue reading Angular wavenumber


My notes on Hilbert transform Hilbert transform in frequency domain -It is a peculiar sort of filter that changes the phase of the spectral components depending on the sign of their frequency. -It only effects the phase of the signal. It has no effect on the amplitude at all.For any signal g(t), its Hilbert Transform has the following property: … Continue reading My notes on Hilbert transform

Conjugate gradient method

Disclaimer: The notes are made from information available here and wikipedia. Conjugate gradient is effective for solving systems of the form: $latex \mathbf{A}x=b$ $latex x$ is an unknown vector $latex \mathbf{A}$ is a known positive-definite, square, symmetric matrix $latex b$ is a known vector The CG method is most effective in solving systems where $latex \mathbf{A}$ is … Continue reading Conjugate gradient method