Brief note on seismic migration and inversion

Seismic Inversion Essentially in this method, elastic properties of the geological subsurface are estimated. The method is carried out by minimizing the difference between simulated and recorded data. Hence, forward modeling is central in inversion & residual carried forth the iterative estimation process. Seismic Migration In this method, reflectivity of the geological boundaries is estimated … Continue reading Brief note on seismic migration and inversion


Conjugate gradient method

Disclaimer: The notes are made from information available here and wikipedia. Conjugate gradient is effective for solving systems of the form: $latex \mathbf{A}x=b$ $latex x$ is an unknown vector $latex \mathbf{A}$ is a known positive-definite, square, symmetric matrix $latex b$ is a known vector The CG method is most effective in solving systems where $latex \mathbf{A}$ is … Continue reading Conjugate gradient method